Moving Protection

When moving, it is your responsibility to decide if you require coverage for your belongings. Please keep in mind, the options listed below must be decided upon before move day or you will automatically, with no notice, waive your right for moving coverage. This means, all items are moved at the customers’ own risk and Safeway Movers will not be held liable for any claims.

Protection Plans

Plan A – Carrier Basic Liability

Shipper chooses to release the Shipment to a value of 0.60 cents per pound per article.

Example is item damage has a weight of 100 lbs. The liability of the carrier would not exceed $60.00 to repair or replace item.

However limited liability insurance places your more valuable objects at a greater risk. For example, if your mover were to drop an antique chair that weighs 10 pounds, all basic liability insurance would pay is $6.00.

THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THIS COVERAGE Invoice will be marked as declined.

Plan B – Declared Value Protection

This protection covers repair or replacement of any article up to its actual cash value. In the event that an article is not repairable, or the repair exceeds the value, settlement would be based on cost to replace less depreciation for its age.

Example –

  • Refrigerator is dropped and damaged beyond repair.
  • Refrigerator is 5 years old
  • Cost to replace now is $ 1000.00
  • Depreciation as determined by insurance Company policy is 7% per year.
  • 5 years x 7% = 35%
  • $1000.00 x 35% = $350.00
  • $1000.00 – $350.00 = $650.00
  • The amount paid to shipper would be $650.00
  • FOR COVERAGE UP TO $30,000.00 THE CHARGE WILL BE $150.00


Damages to articles packed in cartons by shipper unless carton is physically damaged and noted on delivery.

Damage to fragile items not packed by shipper, such as mirrors, marble, pictures, mattress.
Mechanical malfunction of any appliance or electronics unless physical damage noted on delivery.

Fragile items are only covered for damage when packed, unpacked and charged the appropriate rates by the movers. Wrapping in furniture pads is not considered packing.

Items not covered by Protection Plans under all circumstances include jewlery, cash, furs, securities, stamp or coin collections, collections of any kind, deeds or wills, family photographs, documents, internal workings of electronics, food perishables, alcohol, or plants.

Important Notes on Using Safeway Movers Inc. :

  • Check your homeowner’s insurance. Some policies cover property in transit.
  • Consider purchasing short-term insurance that covers the move if your property is very valuable.
  • Unlike most property insurance, valuation does not automatically pay for any damage. It must be clearly shown that Safeway movers was responsible for the damage.
  • Items in boxes not packed by the mover are not covered, unless the outside of the carton provides clear evidence that the entire box was damaged during the move.
  • Safeway movers is NOT responsible for any electronic item that does not function after the move only if there is clear evidence that the item was dropped or mishandled during the move.

Safeway movers are not responsible for inherent vice.

  • All claims must be submitted within 14 days from move date on invoice. If a mishap should arise, please print out our claim form, and submit via mail post only.
  • Safeway movers are legally obligated to acknowledge any claim within 30 days and to resolve it or offer a settlement within 120 days.
  • The customer is legally responsible to pay for the move, even when claiming damages.